airbnb cleaning

I started cleaning business on 2016. I came to Australia on a student visa. My mother country is Nepal. I was very new at that time. I never travelled outside leaving my mother and father alone at home. I came here for my further studies. So as an international student we need a visa and for maintaining a visa we need work and money. So I started searching on gumtree, facebook and different job posting jobs. At the end of 2-3 months I found a job in a cleaning company. I started working with that company. It was a mop it up company. Boss was very friendly and taught me every step of cleaning. I worked for that company for 3-4 months. It was on a casual basis. 

You don’t believe how much time I spend on google searching different strategies of digital marketing. After my google search and experience I decided to run a cleaning business. And I opened a business name having cleaning at the end of the name.

I run different kinds of social media marketing , google ads and more to get the traffic. I talk with different companies to run a campaign for me. I waited for 2-3 days and I started receiving calls from the customers. I was living with my friend so we started cleaning. We used to get more calls and booking from my google ads.

 Now I have a few customers because of the covid-19 lockdown. I got stuck in Nepal and lost my regular customer. Still, I have some new customers. You have the right to live and breathe in a clean environment. For that you need to get good cleaner in exact time. I  think you understand what I actually want to describe. So I can do my best. Please choose us if you need any cleaning services in future. 


Let's Breath

"Life is a Journey of travel, you travel you breath, don't stop it. You have rights to live in clean and fresh environment"