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Find our why people and companies have trusted AU Cleaning for nearly 2 years

“Excellent service. Staff were very professional and perfect in what they did. Good value for money. Highly recommendable”

Bobby John notron Cafe

“Strongly recommend, Did really good job, I have received full refund on my house cleaning.“

Mike Tyson CEO, RT

Very professional service. Highly recommend if you’d like a stress-free bond clean for a reasonable price. The house we vacated was quite large and old but Lease Cleaning Adelaide did a fantastic job. We had a full bond clean, windows washed inside and out and full carpet steam clean. The real

Steven Joes manager

“Best Cleaning services that i never experienced. Au Cleaning Bee is the most beautiful cleaning company in australia”

Mike Hussy Self employed

“Excellent service. Staff were very professional and perfect in what they did. Good value for money. Highly recommendable”

Bobby John notron Cafe

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the most important questions and answers that are been asked by our Beautiful Clients. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions that we have received from our clients regarding our services and procedures. 

    Can’t find your question? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any of your questions and help you on your way to a clean home.

    Hire a Cleaner, Are you Deciding?

    We are here to help you Hiring a cleaner has been made easy and affordable with a number of services available to suit your needs. Let us walk you through just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by using our home cleaning agency.

    Everyday viruses are spread all over the world. You need to take care of yourself during your precious life. Hiring a home Cleaner is not now that expensive.  Not only do you get a professionally cleaned home, but your schedule is now free to spend time with family, take part in events, or even earn more hours. You can save your maximum time providing cleaning services to Au cleaning bee.

    There are a lot of thing that you can make benefits in your health, time and money. Hiring a cleaning company can do cleaning work for you. where you can save you money and time every day.The key point of hiring a cleaning company is to provide your beautiful property to cleaned with Au Cleaning Bee. You may find different kinds of cleaning companies these days, but the question is who is the most professional and meets with your buject.

    We, Au cleaning Bee provides all the key points and we are the only one cleaning company in Australia who understood the value of time and money.

    There are a lot of reasons hiring cleaners from agency gives you more accuracy and professional cleaning services.

    1. Your cleaner is police checked and screened for suitability

    2. Your cleaner is fully insured for public liability

    3. Your cleaner is fully experienced and has attended a 3 day training workshop

    4. We understand you and offer replacement cleaners if things don’t work out for any reason

    5. We offer a fill-in cleaner if your cleaner is on holidays or unable to provide a scheduled clean

    It’s  a beautiful question how can I find the right Cleaner? We Au Cleaning Bee is Spreading all over Australia and we are now successfully adding more than 100 cleaners everyday. This means, We Au cleaning Bee is Providing the best Cleaning training workshop with organic materials to clean your property.

    You need to ask our agency what you want to do with your cleaners. Our cleaners are experts on windows cleaning, oven cleaning and more.

    Definitely not! life is precious then money. Money is made with machines and hand. They can be earned if we are healthy and happy. We value your health and time. So we are always here to provide you with the best cleaning service with your budget. Contact us anytime if you are handicraft, or have any financial problems.
    You can check in our product page and ask for an online quote request

    Before Hiring a Cleaner

    You need to Confirm with our Agency about the type of cleaning you are looking for. You must receive a Booking email or phone message. Payment methods are options. You can pay online or Pay on Cash after the completion of the job.

    No for General House Cleaning you don’t need to sign any contract. For Commercial Cleaning we need to sign the contract from the company

    Our agent from your location can contact you to confirm your cleaning quote. Or simply you can do click here to request online quote now. 

    Are you having trouble making the move to hire a cleaning service for your home? It isn’t uncommon for people to hesitate about this. Bringing someone into your home and trusting them to clean it right can bring some people stress and apprehension. But, the good news is that a great domestic cleaning service knows how to make you feel at ease. The first step of the process with any great agency is getting to know the cleaners themselves.

    Yes.  You can meet your cleaner and show them your property and the places to clean more often. You can provide or show them your cleaning materials of you want us to use your cleaning equipment.

    When you hire Au Cleaning Bee, You don’t need to worry about the communication with the cleaners. We do have most powerful CRM which makes you easier to communication with our Agent.

    Our cleaners can be very flexible. Arrange suitable day and time with either our Area Coordinators or with your cleaner directly. It’s that easy! The benefit of coming home to a neat and tidy home without having to give it a second thought is what matters most.
    It is up to you to decide the number of hours cleaning you want provided. If you are unsure of how long it will take for your cleaner to clean the home, we advise running through what needs completing in each room, the level of detail you would like, if any of the tasks can be completed on a rotation basis and what products and equipment you would like used on each surface. This will help you both determine how long the job should take and what can be achieved in the timeframe you have allocated.

    During Home Cleaning

    Thanks for Booking with AU Cleaning Bee. It’s your first time bringing a cleaning service into your home. We, Au Cleaning Bee is performing you a new Booking profile. You just Need to check your emails.  Will the cleaner bring all of the supplies that they need, or am I supposed to supply them? What about my pets? There’s no reason to get worried, because we’ve thought of everything. 

    Yes, Cleaners can bring their own cleaning equipment or if you are happy to use your own, our cleaners are flexible.

    Yes, you are welcome to give the cleaner a key. For convenience, many of our clients are not home when their cleaner comes and therefore prefer to give the cleaner a key. With our stringent recruitment process, you can have peace of mind in doing so.

    It depend upon how you want to clean your Property. Our Cleaners are always happy to use the clients cleaning equipment. if you want us to bring it, that’s fine, our cleaners are always ready with their cleaning equipment. 

    No, Our cleaners provide the best service when they completely understand your cleaning requirements and how to use your equipment. We find that an initial meeting will help make both you and your cleaner happy. 

    We definitely want your pets to be as happy as you are when the cleaner comes to do your cleaning so it is between you and your cleaner to decide on the best option.

    About Au Cleaning Bee

    Wondering how to get your home cleaned when you are out? No worries! We at AU Cleaning come up with
    best cleaning Solution service and thus, you can go out freely. We offer the best cleaning service and we
    ensure that you will get ultimate satisfaction. Our cleaners are well-familiar with the modern
    cleaning techniques and it helps you get familiar with the notable benefits. We always think about you and your beautiful property, so always provide you our cleaning solution services. Here, you will meet the
    dedicated professionals who handle the whole cleaning work efficiently.

    Au Cleaning Bee is a professional Cleaning Service solution Providing Company in Australia. This company provides both Commercial and Residential Cleaning services. 

    You Can book your type of Cleaning anywhere from Australia. Seeing this means you can hire your Cleaners now. Book Your Cleaner in a Minute.

    We, Au Cleaning Bee always understand your time value and your budget. So we will be providing you best cleaning services with our products or your Product.  

    About Our Cleaning Services

    Our green and sustainable approach to facility management and our focus on providing our clients with highly trained labour and quality products and processes has contributed to our steady growth every year.

    We provide from Weekely, Fourthnighly and monthly cleaning services. If you are looking different from the regular house cleaning. Yes, we also provide windows cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, tree cutting, deep cleaning, one-off Cleaning and any more

    Yes. One of the questions that often comes up when someone is booking for regular house cleaning cleaners. Yes you can choose your cleaners. If you are not happy with the cleaners, you can ask us anytime to change your cleaner.

    Absolutely! Our cleaners pride themselves on providing high-quality, professional Cleaning services. In our cleaning training workshop our cleaners is highly trained.

    You can contact us anytime if your cleaner ask for a holiday. We will arrange another cleaner for you

    You can pay online at the time of Booking or By cash or bank transfer at the end of each service.

    Cleaners registered with Au Cleaning Bee are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that you, along with any person other than the Cleaner, are protected from damage or injury caused by a Cleaner’s negligence. Public Liability Insurance is extremely important for both our Clients and Cleaners and is one of the most important reasons for using our Agency.

    Contact us or phone the cleaner. The direct number for your local Customer Contact Centre is 

    Please contact us or let your cleaner know if your circumstances change. The direct number for your local Customer Contact Centre is 

    About Our Cleaners

    Learn how we have thought of everything to help with your peace of mind. From our thorough recruitment process and training to our extensive range of services, you can trust that we provide the right cleaning service to suit your needs.
    Our strict recruitment process ensures you have peace of the mind that the person coming into your home is trustworthy. To ensure we have honest, reliable cleaners working for us, all of our cleaning contractors undergo a police check, reference checks and work history checks as well as being fully insured.

    All new cleaners registered with the Agency are required to provide a police clearance check from April 2021

    There are cleaning services that come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies are only geared towards daily cleaning needs, while others may be trained specifically for move-in ready or move-out ready cleanings. What if your needs change along with your schedule or yearly situation? Is there a house cleaning service that can adjust to you?
    Absolutely! Just one call to our coordinators is all it takes. A replacement will be arranged courteously and discreetly.

    Au Cleaning Bee Customer Support

    Our Customer support is available 24/7. You can book online or issue any tickets online. 

    Customer service is the cornerstone of the business and our friendly customer Service Team are available for any query you may have. We are always there to help you with our best customer service experience.

    We understand you, if you aren’t happy with the cleaner. Please contact us.

    Click here to contact us to change your cleaner

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