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Our Upholstery Cleaning Service Give You Spotless Looking Stain Free Furniture Items!

That sofa, couch or lounge chair on which you are sitting might be a dwelling to many germs and other infectious organisms, it is important to get it professionally cleaned at least once a few months to keep it safe for use. It has been seen that most of the people get done with the upholstery cleaning by just vacuuming; this is a huge mistake as those germs beneath the surface keep on accumulating. Upholstery cleaning done by a professional team needs to be part of the deep home cleaning regime as this removes all those germs, bacteria, mold and stains leaving behind fresh and inviting furniture items.

Why Choose Us For Upholstery Cleaning?

Let us clean your furniture and upholstery items and we promise you will more than happy to see the end results. There are more than enough reasons to hire us for professional upholstery cleaning services:

Expertise: We have the expertise to clean the upholstery items with extreme care and
caution to remove all that dirt and dust with no harm to the fabric. We use latest
techniques to clean the grime and stains and choose fabric specific cleaning solutions to
ensure that there is no color bleeding or fabric wear and tear done.

Safe & Non-Toxic Cleaning: We are a responsible cleaning agency, only 100% safe,
odorless, non-toxic and environmental friendly cleaning solutions are used to clean the
furniture items. The products that we use do not leave behind any fumes or residue, thus making it safe for kids and pets.

Affordable Rates: Our upholstery cleaning rates stand comprehensive; we do not
overcharge you extra in the name of add-on costs or surcharges. You will get the quotes from our technicians and upon agreement the work will commence.

Quick Drying Cleaning: With steam cleaning and advanced cleaning equipments, we
perform upholstery cleaning that does not leave behind any mess. We will dry the furniture items and will also educate you about how the care is to be taken post cleaning.

With us there is nothing as difficult to clean item, we have got the tools and experience to gently clean your furniture items in minimal time making them look like newly bought ones!

Don't stress over trying to keep your house clean.

Let us do it for you!

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